Today the human world is closely connected with the world of pets. They are our friends, our family, our children, we spend our leisure time with them and we care of them almost as much as of ourselves. It seems sometimes even more. Love and care given from us is then returned with loyalty.

Everyone needs a soul mate, a loyal friend, someone who can unconditionally and devotedly love us just as we are. The feeling that someone loves us is what our dog, kitten or other pet gives us. If you have such a strong bond with your pet, you will care.

Today people travel a lot; travelling belongs to today’s lifestyle, so people repeatedly handle situations when they cannot take with them their pet. If you cannot rely on somebody (a friend or a family member) who will look after your dog or cat, the only possibility is boarding in a hotel for pets.

The project goal is to provide clients with complete service in one place. For example, we offer both luxury hotel and provide daily staying in our nursery for dogs as well as other services that are usually provided separately:

  • a beauty salon
  • professional veterinary care
  • a psychotherapist providing caning counseling
  • a boutique with luxurious and unusual accessories
  • a unique training center VIP Pets located in the indoor heated hall which is directly connected with the hotel

There are several separate outdoor paddocks in the hotel which allows making smaller groups of dogs.

Our personnel is trained in the field of canine psychology and ethology, so we are able to recognize different traits and behavioral styles the dogs may demonstrate , it helps us to deal with any situation promptly.

Number one priority is the safety and well-being of our clients. Dogs are divided according to the way they feel and cooperate in a team, considering the information we get from their owners, and regarding pet’s individual needs. For example, when we know that the client Chihuahua Lilly is afraid of bigger dogs, the personnel is able to recognize this fear and Lilly will never attend the group with big dogs.

We offer a vast variety of activities! There is an outdoor gym and playground for active dogs and a swimming pool all lovers of water will appreciate.

Directly at the hotel there are 3 fully – equipped playrooms; they are used for playing and relaxing. Hotel clients can also enjoy time and have a lot of fun in our indoor hall of VIP Pets which is nearly 500 m2.

For even greater convenience we offer our clients the possibility to transfer dogs to the hotel or nursery and back. Again for the owners’ comfort we can arrange transfers to Vaclav Havel’s airport that is only 15 minutes away, and car parking at our hotel during the holiday.

The hotel has an on-line camera system installed, so the owners can always check their pet from any place using their your mobile phones.

Hotel owner



„The idea to build a hotel for animals appeared when I repeatedly dealt with similar situations most of our clients had been facing. We have a dog and a cat and we could not take them with us when we were travelling abroad.

Both pets are very important to my family, so we were looking for boarding that would best suit their needs and our requirements.

We realized very soon that no one had ever offered such a level of boarding and services we expected to have in our country. So we decided to combine business with pleasure and build our own hotel which will meet even the most demanding requirements.“

VIP Pets Tatiana Lisichkina



Studeněves 13 / Kladno

+ 420 702 071 681